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Customer requirements are increasingly diverse and sophisticated in order to create better products. Our Sales division makes proposals to customers which properly capture these requirements. Sales engineers with extensive knowledge of precision sheet metal processing and other production technologies offer a consulting sales approach for any customer requirements whether it be quality, cost or delivery schedule.

Development and Design
The Development and Design division leads our activities for creating R-shape products which emphasize design features and varied-type, varied-amount orders. At Okabe Industries, design staff with experience on the production floor working closely with the production side to develop product designs which are easily processed and assembled. An example of the benefits is that R-shape curved surface processing which typically requires a custom die can be achieved with sheet metal processing using a standard die through the application of our advanced design skills. The bottom line for the customer is lower cost and faster delivery schedules.

Manufacturing (Machine Processing, Welding, Assembly)
The Manufacturing division spearheads our integration of sheet metal processing, welding and assembly processes for the creation of products which satisfy all customer requirements -- Q (quality), C (cost) and D (delivery). In addition to our production facility outfitted with an NCT punch press, NC bender, laser cutting machine and other leading-edge processing machinery, we focus on development of a multi-function factory. The flexible production system we have built not only provides high quality, fast delivery and low costs, but also can handle varied-type and varied-amount production.


Quality Guarantee
With the growing sophistication of designs and functionality, increasingly higher levels of precision are required by products. Okabe Industries' motto is "High Quality Product Creation For Sophisticated Customer Requirements." Our relentless pursuit of quality is rooted in a comprehensive quality control system and quality improvement through regular TPM activities. Furthermore, we are promoting product creation which meets global expectations through the introduction of ISO9000 series concepts, the international standard for quality.
Production Management
Another key factor for accomplishing product creation which satisfies customer requirements in this difficult age of varied-type and varied-amount production is the information system. As production processes become increasingly sophisticated, the need for real-time production management rises. At Okabe Industries, we have established an infrastructure for central management of online data from all company divisions and thereby achieve production management efficiency and can respond in a timely fashion to diverse customer requirements.

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