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Company name: Okabe Industry Co., Ltd.

(Headquarters) 23-3 Chuo-town, Isesaki City, Gunma
Telephone. +81(270)24-2011
(Factory) 651 Gomeushi-town, Isesaki City, Gunma
Telephone. +81(270)23-2111

Business areas:
1. Manufacture of communications equipment components
2. Manufacture of electric equipment components
3. Manufacture of transport equipment
4. Manufacture of office equipment
5. All business operations related to the above areas

Date of establishment: June 8, 1931

Total capitalization: \35 million (full value paid)

Main banks: Towa Bank, Gunma Bank, Sakura Bank

Affiliated companies:
Okabe Tech Co., Ltd.
Ohkura Computer Co., Ltd.
Ojyu Co., Ltd.

Company directors:
President Hiroaki Okabe
(Graduate of Keio University Engineering School,1978)
Director Ryouichi Enoki
Director Noboru Ishii
Auditor Chieko Okabe




1931@ Okabe Ltd. founded in the Kamata Ward of Tokyo (today known as Ohta Ward)
1943 Factory moved to the city of Kiryu as part of @wartime policy. Manufactured parts ordered by Oki Electric Nigyo Co., Ltd. and Japan National Railways.
1949 Company refounded as Okabe Industries Co., Ltd. with the goal of expanding the range of business activities.
1950 Headquarters and factory moved and rebuilt in Higashi-town (now, Chuo-town), Isesaki City.
1953 Okabe Industries Tokyo factory opened in the Ohta Ward of Tokyo and a Tomioka Factory opened to meet increasing orders for die production.
1962 To meet continuing growth in demand and expand into future business areas, the Tomioka factory is closed and the Takasaki Factory is opened.
1964 Takasaki Factory is spun off as Okabe Tools Co., Ltd.
1968 A new company, Okabe Coating Co., Ltd. is @ established and a coating factory is opened in Takasaki.
1973 The Akabori Factory is opened in the outskirts (Akabori Village) of the North Section of Isesaki City
1976 The 2nd Akabori Factory is added. An NCT line, NC bender, power presser and other equipment deployed and a Manufacturing division formed.
1978 The Takasaki Factory is merged into the Akabori Factory for rationalization.
1983 The 3rd Akabori Factory is added. A Volume Production division is formed for printer parts using a press robot line.
1984 An NCT turret punch press is added and full automation is achieved.
1988 A laser press process machine is deployed.
1989 Added-value management is started.
1990 A bender robot is deployed.
1991 A new office building (3 stories) is completed.
Factory land (4,000 tsubo) is acquired in Shimofure, Akabori-town.
1992 Okabe Tech Co., Ltd. is established as a joint venture company with Japan Air Tech.
A production management computer is deployed. Bar code management is started.
1993 A Design division is formed.
1994 An integrated production system is built.
1995 An assembly factory (400 tsubo) is completed.
1996 Development of the Kasa-Poly Auto.
1997 Revision of sheet processing factory layout. An NCT line is added.
1998 The automated NCT line is upgraded. A factory LAN is built.
1999 The production management system is upgraded.

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